Knitted Dresses

Knitted dresses are no longer just for the older generations. With new cuts and designs, fashion designers from Armani to Valentino show how stylish and sexy can be fashion knitwear.When the winter temperatures drop and it is frosty cold morning, there is nothing better than to cosy knit dresses on the way to work the cold. In addition, in the autumn knitted dresses are at a flea market or a Sunday stroll with reliable service.

Thanks to many designers, knitted dresses are presented each season in a diverse range. From chic shift dress, to the casual sweater dress – knitted dresses are there. Knitted dresses make in itself from an (almost) complete look. Of course, you have matching shoes and a jacket or better combine a jacket to them. The cashmere sweater or at least the vast Sweater is the best for your favourite jeans. It slips easily into knitted dresses and you have a perfect look, whether it comes to business, casual or chic! Knitted dresses allow you to be well dressed for any occasion.

Knitted dresses properly combined

Depending on the type of wool, processing and colour can be knitted dresses combine the different looks. From traditional chunky knit, elegant fine knit or classic cable knit the fashionin the cold season almost everything is offered. Particularly popular are fluffy knitted dresses in all colours and varieties as well as coarse-knit dresses. They can be combine with the best boho boots or flat boots, or if one wants something casual, he could combine simple coarse knit dresses with flat boots or Doc Martens.

However, anyone who wants to wear his fine knit dresses elegantly can easily combine them to classic pumps or sweet Mary Janes. Elegantly combine knit dresses; a jacket fits very well, in some cases, fits a short coat. If you want to create knit dresses with a casual look, you have more freedom: from the biker jacket, denim jacket, or a duffle coat, to the parka or quilted jacket fits all knit dresses! Who wants to sit in his look, he can combine gaudy ribbons and retro brooches. Prerequisite course are thick tights, which moreover – offer many ways to vary the styling, thanks to a wide selection of colours.

Knitted dresses impress with their versatility, their pragmatism and their high comfort factor. Whether in the autumn or spring, who likes it fast and easy, and still wants to be fashionably dressed, putting on knit dresses!

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Desigual clothes

Desigual dresses often bring colour to the grey everyday fashion. With colourful patterns and floral prints, they kindle guaranteed at any wearer spring fever. Additionally sets woman by Desigual dresses also a true fashion statement. The selection is great, because it gives Desigual dresses in countless variations. Whether printed with pink circles provided, Purple Heart or with patterns in turquoise, all the pieces rely on colour! Nevertheless, Desigual dresses can convince even by other highlights: whether V-neck, crew neck or bustier, each model was designed to detail. So some Desigual clothes are also still adorned with pretty ruffles and ribbons that emphasize the waist.

Desigual dresses in mini, midi and maxi size

Desigual dresses come in different lengths: The Maxi Dress brightly patterned pieces make a particularly good impression – so you can make even the trendy bohemian look of the fashionNicole Richie competition. With flowing fabrics, and floral prints clothes are in the Maxi version and they are especially suitable for the summer. Whether on vacation or at the barbecue, with the colourful maxi dresses are always lays down a maximum performance. In the Midi-length dresses, Desigual often put on long sleeve. This look is currently very trendy and makes the Desigual dresses, combined with a pair of tights, and autumn and winter use. For the summer, the brand Desigual dresses offers in innumerable designs. Whether strapless, with spaghetti straps asymmetrical or tunic-style – because it is hard to choose one of the beautiful pieces.

Desigual clothes for a discreet appearance

Nevertheless, even those who love zoom colour can find the wide range of labels. Desigual clothes are there namely in bright tones. Whether in black or khaki, with little colourful details or quite simply plain, the variety of different dresses is great. The model Desigual Loloba example, perfect for women who prefer a more reserved, but still stylish. In grey kept and decorated with sweet buttons, large front pockets, one good piece to the type Desigual dresses convince even without chromatic colour noise. In addition, the Desigual Miracle-collared dress is rather simple.

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Winter clothes

Winter clothes are not only correct style miracle and can be combined, but they also bring a great mood on cold winter days!Playful patterns, Peter Pan collar, brocade, lace and comfortable fabrics are no longer reserved only for the longer summer. Winter clothes are now available in all shapes and fabrics from the cuddly! What could be cosier than, for example, on a cold and rainy winter day to wear a knit dress, or what better to lighten the mood, than to wear a floral dress at Christmas-shopping? Winter clothes are the ultimate style-rounder!

Winter clothes: The cuddly rounder

The classic black in XXL sweater style, for example or a simple winter coat is too boring to spice up your winter clothes with a vest. A denim vest with fringes or without is fits great into a floral dress, a fur vest fits almost all winter clothes. Lace, brocade, jersey or cotton are another way to eye-catcher. A large link chain necklace or a colourful ethnic also are good. The same goes for big earrings.

Winter clothes in the summer

Since the selection is much greater in the summer of dresses / and fashion in the winter does not want to give up their summer favourites / you can repurpose with a couple tricks his summer dress into a winter dress! The floral dress is on cold winter days with rough boots or simply send boots and opaque leggings, on warmer days, combined with black nylon tights. A classic trench coat also perfectly fits, like a warm duffle coat or other warm coat. Even the denim dress that you have worn in the summer can become a stylish winter coat. Only to summer colours should be careful. A lemon-yellow chiffon dress or a sky-blue dress are not very suitable.

Winter clothes with glam factor

Winter clothes make in everyday life, whether at work or home, a cosy and stylish look. It is the same with the clothes that you like wear in the winter evening. These are winter clothes, which are not from the Knitting Group – i.e. winter clothes with fine cuts and send out materials such as lace, brocade or velvet. Such noble winter clothes you should better not combine rough boots. The stylish ankle boots or booties will help you create a glamorous look.

Winter clothes are stylish with heels. Winter clothes can help you accomplish in the cold season true fashion miracle. If you are still in search of a winter dress with high comfort and glam factor, have a look at more models and get inspired!