The History of Jeans

From its humble origin as the working mans clothing, to its current fashion status, denim jeans and its many forms area mandatory item to have.

The origins

Jeans were first invented in the late 1900’s by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, with its name originating from Genoa in Italy. When Levi Strauss heard of the gold rush in the 1850’s he too made his way to the west and moved to San Francisco to open a dry goods business.

While supplying one of his customers, Jacob Davis made serviceable sturdy pants with the Denim from Levi Strauss and used rivets to make them stronger.

This type of pants was quite popular and together with Levi Strauss, Davis patented the design and become partners. The two then opened a factory to manufacture the jeans and the jeans we know and love were then created.

The toughness of jeans really helped with the working man, saving him money by not having to replace these pants. Cowboys and horse people particularly loved jeans, as they did not wear out as fast when used for horse riding.

The fashion of Jeans

So why do we wear jeans today? They are not made of the most comfortable material, they are a rugged and tough wearing material but still form a massive part of the world fashionable closet.

So why are they so popular and fashionable today? I think we could “blame” the movies, the actor James Dean exploded onto the movie scene with his bad boy ways, all while wearing jeans and a leather jacket. Jeans soon became the uniform of the young and rebellious, and never really lost their pull to the younger crowds.

From James Dean to the current stars, jeans have stayed a strong statement of youth and edginess. And with Marilyn Monroe also donning jeans, so the female population jumped aboard the jean fashion wagon, making them jump the gender divide and cementing the jean pant into fashion history.

So each generation thinks they are unique, that jeans mean rebellious youth and that they are making a cutting edge fashion statement with jeans…a fashion statement that has been around for over a 140 years.

Think of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears iconic (at the time) all jean outfit, they were copied immediately across the globe, showing that jeans and famous faces can still influence youth and fashion 50 years after James Dean and Marilyn Monroe first made an impact.

The Future of Jeans

So what is the future of jeans? I seriously doubt jean would ever go out of fashion, the jean fad will never fade as more and more styles of clothing is designed, the options remain endless. So rather spend some time rather on online betting NZ sites than betting that denim will ever go out of fashion.

So keep an eye on the latest fashion jeans but always keep your old jeans, as most people know, fashion is cyclical and repeats every couple of years, as seen by 1990’s moms jeans making a come back! Never throw your jeans out, as they could soon be a classic.