The History of The Wrap Dress

Nothing changes more often than fashion, so to find an item that that transcends the changing nature of fashion is very rare. And that is why we now discuss the iconic wrap dress. Recently a friend and I were looking for an outfit for her engagement shoot, and once we looked at a million dresses the only dress that would do was a pretty flower printed wrap dress.

For a dress that defined the 1970’s to be still as popular in the current age is phenomenal, so here we look at the history of the wrap dress, and how this budget item has stayed at the forefront of fashion.

The Origin

The wrap dress originated from the 1930’s a whole forty years before it became a 1970’s fashion icon.

During this period, designer Charles James was taking the fashion world by storm, with clothing that seemed to be outrageous and way too scandalous.

Charles was completely obsessed with the female form and the sensual nature of it, his clothing focused on the accentuating the female figure. Chares then created the first known version of the wrap dress, which was a sheath that spiralled around the female form, calling it the Taxi dress. His aim for this dress was to be quickly changed into in a taxi, slipping it off or on quickly while being driven to her next engagement.

As the decades passed, fellow designers all put their own unique touches on the wrap dress, creating new versions that translated into their current fashions. By the 1940’s Clare McCardell redesigned the dress as a popover, meaning that during the war era, woman were able to quickly change their outfits to suit the occasion, from work to play. So easy to pop this wrap dress over a bathing costume, or as a jacket over a simple slip.

The 1970’s

So we look at the decade the wrap dress became hugely popular, Diane Von Furstenburg had just arrived in the United States and was in her 20’s and was ready to explode on the fashion scene.

She came to the US with a bag full of brightly printed wrap dresses to see if she could sell a couple, She barely considered them an earth shattering design, describing them as easy little dresses. These easy little dresses then went on to become one of the most iconic designs in fashion industry. Diane Von Furstenburg did not design it first but she perfected the wrap dress design and sold over a million wrap dresses in the 1970’s; now that’s a popular dress.

The Future of the wrap dress

So, if you fast word to 2018 and take a stroll along the any American or French Street you are bound to see a wrap dress accentuating a female form.

So take your winnings from playing eSports betting Australia sites and buy yourself a wrap dress, invest in a good one, as it is a timeless classic.

This dress is perfect for the modern working woman, and flattering for any shape that a woman can come in.