Top Fashion Trends For 2018

2018 is proving to be a wonderful year for fashion, with so many stars and fashion bloggers making the scene more glamorous than ever. This year sees some bright, sparkly and bold fashion trends that will make fashionistas heart explode with happiness. So get ready to spend your real money pokies winnings on some fun fashion this season.

This year, fashion from house like Versace and Louis Vuitton are simply iconic, and 2018 will be remembered as a great fashion year. With the bold designs, colours and bling this year will be a winner, so I am excited and you should be too.

So lets look at the top fashion trends to incorporate into your wardrobe this year:

Sequins – The bling is in this year, sparkles and sequins are a huge statement this year. You can add sequins to any outfit, so try some sports luxe with a layer of bling to spice things up this year. Big brands like Gucci and Tom Ford are all over the sequins this year, so jump aboard this trend.

Pastels – I have been a huge fan of pastel in 2017, and not just because my hair is a lovely (if I say so myself) mint green, so I am happy to see this trend to continue this year. So pick some pastel for your wardrobe, anything from duck egg blue to a lovely light lemon, even Victoria Beckham is behind this delicate trend. Consider wearing these hues in an unusual way, an eighties vibe power suit in a soft pink will really be on trend.

Check – its not just for the highland lads, its sticking around in fashion in 2018 making me a very happy fashion camper. Balenciaga is all over this trend with their large check coats, making some strong fashion statements, and long time check fans Burberry sticking to their style brand

Fringing – Fringe is back again, while some people may think biker chic, this years trend sees fringe in a more delicate fashion, with a sophisticated edge. Think of festival wear but again with a more sophisticated edge, but add it to any item you can wear – coats to boots and beyond.

Bold colour – think colour blocking but in individual colour – bright yellows or vibrant blues, the bolder the better. Christopher Kane is leading the charge with his latest line of bold statement pieces.

Sheer – Sheer was popular in 2017 and is remaining a staple in 2018, with transparent being found in everything from coats to skirts to dresses. Dior is leading this trend with sheer dresses, try out this trend but be a bit demure with a slip under your sheer overlay. You don’t need to dress like a retiree, but do err on the side of modesty rather than flashing flesh.

Multiple bags – This is one of my favourite trends in 2018, as choosing a single bag has always been an issue. This year the trend will be carrying more than one bag, like a tote and a clutch. Dolce & Gabbana are working this trend hard this year, and making a large impression on trends this year.