Top Shoe Trends for 2018

We are definitely well into the year, as March 2018 kicks off we take a look at the best shoe trends for the year. With the sheer multitude of footwear styles available, we make it simple to put your best foot forward.

The trends for 2018 are varied this year, from pretty dainty heels to cowboy boots, but you can skip the sudden Crocs obsession the runways seem to have now. Some of the current runway trends are not translatable to the real world, but some can be used in day-to-day life.

This year is the year for shoe lovers, as the styles of varied and plentiful and you can wear any type of shoe your little shoe loving heart desires.

So get your cash ready, its time to shoe shop. And if you have to spend your slots NZ winnings on this seasons shoe trends, so be it.

Top trends:

The Cowboy Boot

The last time the cowboy boot was this big was mid 2000’s, but they are now making a huge come back in 2018. This boot works as a stylish winter boot or a great looking summer festival boot, and can even stand up to a few short hikes. Whether you spend a months rent on a pair of Chloe’s snakeskin print boot or you get a more budget friendly version, these are a must have in 2018.

The 80’s Pump

This throw back to power outfits from the 1980’s is making a huge comeback this year, with even Victoria Beckham loving the 1980’s heel trend, this one is another must have this year. Best worn in pops of random colour, these pumps are the extreme opposite of the next trend we cover.

The futuristic trainer

Think thick soles and as much details as possible and you will have the idea of what futuristic tech trends and trainers are all about. With brands like Louis Vuitton leading the way, these fashionable sneakers offer comfort and style ad can be worn everywhere.


I am so excited about this trend; I keep seeing Carrie Bradshaw (of Sex and the City fame) and her fluffy Dolce & Gabana fluffy shoes. St Laurent is leading the way with this trend, debuting some simple strappy sandals with feathers to make them knockouts. But everything can feature feathers, from boots to sandals to slides (to handbags if you want to keep accessorising).


Okay technically not shoes, socks are a great way to accessorise shoes, think outlandish colours and stripes paired with strappy sandals. Fendi recently paired their stripy socks with a sporty heeled shoe, making a massive fashion statement. But anything goes, from stripes to polka dots to clashing patterns, mix and match this trend to your hearts desire.

Kitsch Embellishment

Another exciting trend this year, I am thrilled that a more vibrant and fun shoe is on trend this year. Think large faux jewels and embellishments, Versace is leading the way with this trend and I am on board. This is an exciting trend to be a part of this year, with some of the previous simpler shoe trends that we have seen, so take advantage and go wild with the shoe accessories.