Winter clothes

Winter clothes are not only correct style miracle and can be combined, but they also bring a great mood on cold winter days!Playful patterns, Peter Pan collar, brocade, lace and comfortable fabrics are no longer reserved only for the longer summer. Winter clothes are now available in all shapes and fabrics from the cuddly! What could be cosier than, for example, on a cold and rainy winter day to wear a knit dress, or what better to lighten the mood, than to wear a floral dress at Christmas-shopping? Winter clothes are the ultimate style-rounder!

Winter clothes: The cuddly rounder

The classic black in XXL sweater style, for example or a simple winter coat is too boring to spice up your winter clothes with a vest. A denim vest with fringes or without is fits great into a floral dress, a fur vest fits almost all winter clothes. Lace, brocade, jersey or cotton are another way to eye-catcher. A large link chain necklace or a colourful ethnic also are good. The same goes for big earrings.

Winter clothes in the summer

Since the selection is much greater in the summer of dresses / and fashion in the winter does not want to give up their summer favourites / you can repurpose with a couple tricks his summer dress into a winter dress! The floral dress is on cold winter days with rough boots or simply send boots and opaque leggings, on warmer days, combined with black nylon tights. A classic trench coat also perfectly fits, like a warm duffle coat or other warm coat. Even the denim dress that you have worn in the summer can become a stylish winter coat. Only to summer colours should be careful. A lemon-yellow chiffon dress or a sky-blue dress are not very suitable.

Winter clothes with glam factor

Winter clothes make in everyday life, whether at work or home, a cosy and stylish look. It is the same with the clothes that you like wear in the winter evening. These are winter clothes, which are not from the Knitting Group – i.e. winter clothes with fine cuts and send out materials such as lace, brocade or velvet. Such noble winter clothes you should better not combine rough boots. The stylish ankle boots or booties will help you create a glamorous look.

Winter clothes are stylish with heels. Winter clothes can help you accomplish in the cold season true fashion miracle. If you are still in search of a winter dress with high comfort and glam factor, have a look at more models and get inspired!